"We have been very fortunate to have the support of Calvin for our accounting and finance management from last year. Previously we were with a so called ' a team of famous accounting specialists' in Sydney and they did the work and that was all about it. Yes, Calvin also does the work, operates professionally, provides expert accounting and compliance assistance and Calvin does the work very well!

The difference is so obvious that Calvin takes it one step further and focuses on our business and our senior management and comes up with strategies about how he can make a real contribution to our success. He never gets bored over any small financial questions from us.

I would not hesitate to recommend Calvin to any of my colleagues as I know he would not let them down."

Dr. Chen (General Practitioner - Sydney)

“ Much appreciated for your professional & supportive service in assisting us to set up our family trust and taxation consultation.

It has been a very smooth process to working with Calvin and his hand-holding support approach and integrity provides us much valuable information.
It really helps us understand how to minimise our tax liability and maximise the value . “

Mr. Maxwell (Director of MEGA MC PTY LTD - Sydney)

"It is our fortune to have Calvin to be our accountant since last year. We have appointed several accountants to help the business in the last few years but you are one of the best. Thanks for your professional work that help Healing Hands a lot to minimize expanses and maximize incomes. Thanks for your on site co-working with us smoothly. We are looking forward to do business with you ."

Mr.Wilson Huang (Partner of Healing Hands Pain Management - Chatswood, Sydney)

当我们需求帮助时, Calvin 都能提供及时且详细的建议。这些都要归功于他多年的税务咨询经验与培训。通过大量的研究与寻找相关的信息,Calvin 为我们提供了及时、详细并且简单明了的建议。这些都使我们对他的服务充满了信心。并且,CNM & CO. 的收费对比其它会计事务所,是毫无疑问最具有竞争力的。我们非常乐意向我们的客户推荐CNM & CO.

Mr. Albert Chen (悉尼房地产发展商)